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Costandi Bastoli has been quietly engaged in a wonderful healing ministry over many years. In this book, appropriately titled Jesus Heals Today, he gives a wide range of testimonies of physical, emotional and spiritual healings. I trust it will be read widely, since in this secularised age our faith needs strengthening. Theories can be discounted, arguments can be disputed, but witness of life cannot be opposed. I recommend the book to all who are seeking to grow in faith and discover more deeply the love and power of Jesus our Risen Saviour and Lord.

Fr Ken Barker MGL – Founder and Moderator, Missionaries of God’s Love Priests, Canberra 

Costandi Bastoli has been conducting annual healing seminars and rallies in Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea, since 2015. Hundreds of people have benefitted from his ministry and those who worked with him were greatly encouraged. In his easy to read book, Jesus Heals Today, Costandi bears witness to what he has seen and heard Jesus doing for his people here and elsewhere. 

I recommend this book wholeheartedly and am sure that whoever reads it will grow in their knowledge and trust in the Lord and his ways, experience the power of his healing love, and anchor their hope in Him. 

Most Rev. Douglas William Young SVD – Archbishop of Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

Jesus Heals Today is a testament to the fact that Jesus is alive today and working miracles among the faithful. Jesus’ healing did not stop when his earthly life ended. Rather, He commissioned his disciples, then and now, to carry on His mission in the world, to minister Jesus’ healing touch, to show Jesus’ care for those who are wounded, and to make people whole again.

Costandi is a man of great faith. He has been gifted with a wonderful ministry of prayer, of preaching and teaching. His outreach to those to whom he ministers is lifelong, and this is evidenced by those who keep in touch with him to acknowledge his support when they needed it most, even if it is many years after the prayer took place.

I met Cosi in mid-1995 after I had been introduced to the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community. We have been companions on the faith journey ever since. A small part of my story is included in the pages of Jesus Heals Today. I could have filled many more chapters with reflections on how Cosi’s ministry of Jesus’ healing has touched my life, as I am sure could many others who have shared their testimony.

As you are reading this book take great courage that Jesus’ healing ministry continues today.

Mrs Marita Winters – a grateful recipient of God’s healing love. Sydney.

Jesus heals. The Gospels give witness to healing as an essential aspect to the ministry of Jesus. Jesus heals Today. This book is a witness to the healing action of Jesus in our day. The stories recounted in this book reveal the joy experienced by people who know that it was the mercy and power of Jesus who healed them of their afflictions. Experiencing healing was not just relief from their burden and suffering but revealed to them the personal love God has for them. The healing led to deeper faith, deeper trust in God and a desire to live the Christian life. The experience of healing changed the heart of the person. They cannot but live in grateful thanks to God and the desire to praise Him by the new way in which they live. That Jesus heals takes us to the heart of the Gospel which proclaims that God loves the world so much that He sent His only Son, not to condemn but to save. I recommend this book as testimony to the fact that Jesus continues to heal in our day. 

Most Rev. Julian Porteous DD – Archbishop of Hobart, Tasmania

In Jesus Heals Today Costandi Bastoli has given us a rich and comprehensive compilation of true stories to do with Divine Healing today and clear instructions on Charismatic Gifts, with ample Biblical passages to illustrate and back up the stories and the teaching.  In addition, the author provides us with an excellent account of the move of the Holy Spirit in our time and much else besides.  This book is a useful contribution to the literature on the subjects it covers.

Rev Fr John Rea SM – author of Witness to Wonders and Proclaim with Wonders, well known for his healing ministry. New Zealand.

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