He Has Given Me Back My Life

By Emma

“Hi, I’m Emma. I am from Sydney South, like Jess and Jacob, and I am 19, and on this summer school, I experience healing. I have a chronic wrist injury, where I am in pain 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week. I have had it for about 6 years now, and I have broken the bones about 8 times, I have snapped every ligament, I have torn muscles, I have dissolved the cartilage. I have plates, I have screws, I have bone grafts in there. It is a big mess, and I am actually due for another operation in a month’s time, and I came to summer school with some people saying ‘Oh, you’ve just got to pray for healing, you will be fine, just go to Cosi (Costandi) to do it and you will be healed’, and I was like ‘Okay, alright’, and then someone backed me in a corner and said ‘Okay you are going to healing because I am going to healing, and we are not going up without each other.’

So someone gave me really good advice and told me that I have to believe otherwise nothing will happen, if I don’t believe, it’s not going to work. So I prayed about it, and on the Tuesday night I said to God ‘I want a sign, I am not going to go over to the prayer team unless I receive a sign from you’, and I looked up and then all of a sudden I just started crying uncontrollably for no particular reason, and I was like okay.

I started walking over and i was like ‘Ok we are going to start praying’, and pulled over a MGL brother and Sister Therese Mills, and I told them my story, and I was in a lot of pain that night because it was cold and the cold really, really affects my wrist, and they started holding my hand and Cosi (Costandi) asked me to squeeze his hand, and I actually can’t grip anything, I can’t grip anything like what so ever, and so I was a light touch and they started praying and I just kept saying ‘I want this, I want this God, please do this for me. I know I can do your work, if you give me back my hand’, and then my grip started to get a lot tighter and my arm was really, really, really, really hot, and after they finished praying, Cosi was like ‘Pull your arm out”, and I, my arm, I’ve stretched it out, and my arm actually I couldn’t turn it past like at this point, and now I can turn it all the way over, with like absolute no pain at all and I couldn’t click, I couldn’t praise God like everyone else, I had to stand there, and so I can actually lift my hand above my head now without it hurting. I can click; I can clap; I can do my own hair; I can cut my own food; I can. It’s fantastic.

I actually had numbness and pins and needles constantly in my hands and so we prayed for a second time because that didn’t happen the first time and we prayed over it again. Cosi started pinching my hand and I passed the pinch test, and now I actually have no pins and needles, no numbness, no nothing. I can drive my car normally; I can do anything like a normal person, and my relationship with God has become so much more closer and a thousand times more better. I am able to worship Him like I have always wanted to and I don’t just believe, I can actually fully take in His Spirit, and I can actually do the work He wants me to do, and He has given back me my life because I was heading down the path of amputation and losing my arm altogether, and for a 19 year old to face that is drastic, and so I have no words to describe how to thank God, but all I can say is bless, bless God. Thank you.”

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