Thomson Kunika, Magauto PNG

After being prayed with Thomson Kunika from Magauto, Papua New Guinea was healed from back pain, knee pain, and his sight was restored. He rested in the spirit and had a vision.

I saw the clouds open and just above the clouds there was the hand of God coming down. When the hand of God came down there were people. The people were moving up and down, some coming up and some coming down.

My spirit was going up on the hand of God. As I was going up I could hear so many different sounds.

From there the Lord spoke to me and said, “you are ok, so you go back”.

At that moment in the vision I woke up in my house and I went out onto the verandah. The Lord was in the yard reaching out his arms. The Lord was moving closer to me and I was moving closer to him trying to hug him.

In the next vision a cloud came down and formed all around me up to my neck, just above my neck and I was praying. While I was praying there was smoke coming up from where the kitchen is.

Also while I was praying I was pleading to the Lord asking him is it good to just leave and die. To give up my host and die. Whatever teach the difficulties, parents, I am going to just forget. It’s good for me to give up my host and go.

From there I woke up and returned back in the church.

Costandi asks Thomson when we prayed for you, what did you ask Jesus to do for you?

I asked Jesus to clear all the pains. To heal the pain in my legs, knees, back and chest. I had pain in my back for some years and my eyes were not good for some years. I haven’t been reading the Bible because I am unable to see it. Now it’s alright, I am looking very true – I can see well.

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