Charismatic Renewal Credited in Seoul

The Seoul Archdiocese recognizes in the Charismatic Renewal a factor in the rebirth and reinforcement of the faith in Korean Catholics.

This evaluation emerged from a survey undertaken by the Seoul Diocesan Pastoral Research Center among 2,800 people directly involved in experience of communities of Charismatic Renewal, half of them in the archdiocese.

Asked about the benefit received, 43.8% of those interviewed said they had experienced “spiritual growth”; 19.3% spoke of “faith rebuilt” through the experience of the Holy Spirit; 12.2% found in prayer solutions to family problems; and 8.3% reported inward healing.

Many of the lay Catholics said priests would benefit from experiencing Charismatic Renewal because the experience leads to a deeper living of the Christian life, more frequent reading of Scripture, and more desire to share the joy of the faith.

South Korea’s 48 million inhabitants include about 4 million Catholics.

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